Who We Are

WCPS Holdings, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing solutions for residential real estate investors large and small.

Under the WCPS corporate umbrella is the operation of four unique companies each offering a unique piece to the puzzle. Each organization is designed to stand on their own while seamlessly working together to provide the client the ability to utilize our services as they require.

Before you acquire your first property or start a rehab project, the ability to organize, store, track and monitor all of your data in one place is of utmost importance. Transparency is key when owning or managing a real estate portfolio. Our innovative and creative development firm Ryot Solutions has created a cloud based portfolio management solution specifically for owners of single family homes. Many off the shelf management tools are geared towards multi-family apartments and do not meet the specific needs of our clients. In addition, many of these programs were not designed by people who have first hand knowledge of real estate or property management. Our easy to use, cloud based system revolutionizes the way investors see their portfolio and allows for seamless management with limitless access.

Once acquisition takes place, a natural progression is to commence rehabilitation. Fix’d Construction is our premier licensed General Construction firm specializing in single family rental homes and specifically REO rental property. Fix’d is a certified Fannie Mae SAM vendor receiving the highest scores possible consistently for quality and timelines and works with a diverse and impressive list of clients. We offer a comprehensive menu of services ranging from construction management, full rehabilitation, HVAC, and repair/maintenance. Our ability to meet difficult timelines, work within tight budgets, and scale as needed all while providing excellent customer service and quality has made Fix’d a leader and innovator in the industry.

The ability to convert each acquisition into a revenue producing asset is a vital component of the process. Renttoday.us is our leasing and property management company which has cared for our investor’s portfolios for the last decade. In this time, we have leased over 5000 properties and currently manage an ever growing portfolio consisting of thousands of single family homes, condos, multi-family units and apartment buildings. Renttoday.us offers a complete array of services and handles all day to day operations associated with owning a real estate investment portfolio.

The ability to acquire and shed properties as needed is a core function of the real estate investment model. Bale Investments is our boutique real estate brokerage created specifically to facilitate the acquisition or shedding of large residential portfolios. This brokerage is not open to the public and projects are taken on a case by case basis. If you are interested in what Bale has to offer please submit a request for proposal to rfp@wcpsinc.com.