What We Do

WCPS Holdings, Inc. has been working with distressed portfolios, foreclosure, REO, and single family investment property for the last decade. We specialize in working with Institutional Investors, Private Equity firms, Hedge Funds, and GSE’s to streamline and manage their scattered home real estate portfolios.


This is a new market. You can even say this is a new frontier we are embarking on….RENTER NATION. No organization has as much hands on, boots on the ground experience as WCPS Holdings. We have been involved in the REO to rental program from the very beginning and work with all the major players in the industry. Many companies entering this market are coming from Wall Street or private equity with no prior real estate experience….just a calculator and a vision. WCPS can help dramatically reduce the learning curve for your organization and give you the knowledge and tools to ensure your project is as successful as possible. We have expertise in the following areas:


We treat each client like a partner. When we are working together on a project, we understand and anticipate challenges and hurdles that will need to be overcome. The team at WCPS thrives on developing creative solutions to meet the needs of our clients and make the projects run smoother. There is never a time you don’t have issues, it’s how you deal with those issues and who you are dealing with that makes the difference. Our clients understand that we are dedicated to creating strong relationships and are committed to the idea that your success is our success. We face challenges head on, create solutions, and come out the other side stronger each time.

We would love to hear about your project! If you are interested in WCPS consulting services please email us at consulting@wcpsinc.com