Many financial institutions find themselves saddled with distressed or REO single-family properties whose problems have been exacerbated by today's difficult economic climate.

BALE Investments is WCPS Holdings, Inc.'s response to that situation: a brokerage designed to match holders of homes in default or foreclosed with investors seeking scattered-housing investment portfolios involving at least $3 million per transaction.

BALE will utilize the services of other WCPS divisions to inventory and assess properties and bundle them into bulk transactions that meet investor requirements for a diversified portfolio with a balance of high-risk cash flow properties and those providing low-risk capital gains. Transaction fees will be reduced by purchasing each home in a lot sale. WCPS subsidiaries will provide rental renovations, marketing and leasing, and day-to-day operational management for the properties to create a unique turn key investment model.

The process will also assist investors to merge, acquire, trim or liquidate their portfolios in the same manner as the bulk purchase.

Bale Investments is a professional real estate brokerage licensed by the State of California's Department of Real Estate, License #01871628 and is part of the WCPS family of companies.
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